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- 100 Best code examples for App inventor. Best tutorial.

- In KIO4.COM - App inventor more 200 code examples about App inventor. Games, Math, Basical apps,...

- Programming your Android with App inventor, easy and fast.

- More 100 Best App inventor codes in this tutorial kio4.com - App inventor, you can translator to english with Google translator.

- Insert in ListView, Change Screen1, MySQL and PHP, Arduino and App inventor with Bluetooth...

- App inventor for High School learn code and run your app.

- Tutorial about Graphics and animations with Canvas.

- Learning App inventor easily, copy and paste our code. Tutorial with easy download code examples.

- Creating an Android app with App Inventor, then run your mobil.

- Advanced Tutorials App Inventor: Sample Project about PHP, MySQL, Arduino, Bluetooth.

- Demos, Code Samples, Downloads files type aia. Load in your App inventor to study and learn.

- GPS, sensors, pedometer, Google maps,...


Index tutorial App inventor - KIO4.COM

1.- Presentation. Pythagoras. Two screens. Copy and paste blocks between screens. 

1A.- GAME: 
Guess the number.

1B.- GAME: Russian Roulette. Minesweeper.

1C.- GAME: Three equal. 

Properties. Button. Events. Label.

2B.- CheckBox. Spinner. ListPicker. ListView.

3.- TimePicker. DatePicker. Slider. Speed ​​of light.

4.- Camera. Notifier. TextToSpeech. Sound. Player. VideoPlayer. SoundRecorder. SpeechRecognizer. YandexTranslate.

5.- AccelerometerSensor. BarcodeScanner. WebViewer. OrientationSensor. Canvas. ImageSprite. Compass. NFC. Near Field Communication. ProximitySensor.

6.- Clock. Semaphore. GIFs.

7.-  Canvas. Drawing lines. ImageSprite. Drawing functions. Paddle tennis. Ball and ImageSprite.

8.- Save and upload files. File. TinyDB and TinyWebDB.

8A.- Read file and load  on a list. Capitals countries.

8B.-  FirebaseDB.  Database with change notifier.

8C.-  Chat with FirebaseDB.

8D.-  FirebaseDB with various data.

8E.-  FirebaseDB Google maps. 'Here I am !!! 

8F.-  FirebaseDB Google maps. 'Over here I go !!! 

9.- Bluetooth and Arduino. Bluetooth. Chat.

9B.- Bluetooth and Arduino. Stroller project.

10.- App Inventor 2 and Robot. LEGO Mindstorms.

11.- Send email.

11B.- PhoneCalls. PhoneNumberPicker.

12.- Notifier.

13.- Here I am.

14.- Graphics API. Google char.

15.- Procedures. (I)

15B.- Procedures Do. (II). Operations.

15C.- Procedures Result (III). Distance between two points in the plane.

15D.- Procedures Result (IV). Distance between two points on earth. Haversine.

16.- Countdown.

17.- Multiplication Table.

18.- GAME: Par or odd.

19.- Activy Starter. Read pdf files.

20.- Additive color mixing.

21.- GAME: Rock, paper, scissors.

22.- Resized. Responsive design.

23.- Passing data between screens.

23B.- Passing data between screens. Another method.

24.- Vector.

25.- Clock vector.

26.- GAME: Pairs or nones.

27.- Power Tax. Tax mechanical traction.

28.- Separate characters.

29.- Encode a text.

30. Lists. ListView. Two screens.

31.- 7segments Display. Timer.

32.- Social. Share message, file and camera.

33.- Vectorscope.

34.- Body Mass Index.

35.- Mobile pauses when no button pulse. Screen turns off. Solution. Background. Service.

36.- Calculation of power factor in an electrical circuit. 

37.- Rename screens.

37B.- Multitouch.  Press two keys at once. 

 GAME: Mastermind deduces the number. 

39.- Capicúa.

 Any component I. Separate chain.

40B.- Any component II.

45.- Conditions. If ... Then ...

46.- Satellite NMEA, data to Google Maps. Separate chains and pass it to list.

47.- GAME: Given to 7.

47B.- GAME: Given 7 with two phones. FirebaseDB database. Proposed code.

48.-  GAME: Mental arithmetic sums. Proposed code.

49.- GPS + Mail +SMS + Google Map. Proposed code.

51.- Sort List.


56.- Variables 1. Initial Methodology.

57.- Variables_2. Initial Methodology.

58.- Variables_3. Initial Methodology.

59.- Pressing the button adds or subtracts one. Very basic.

60.- Change the button text. up, down. Basic.

61. Set limits. Basic.TouchUp. TouchDown.

62.- Accumulate. Basic.

63.- Lamp. Button and Clock. Basic.

64.- GAME: Now!  Basic.

65.-  Notifier. Basic.

66.-  Clock. Hours and days. Basic.

66B.-  Clock. Time difference. Basic.

67.-  Press and release button. Basic.

68.-  Separate parts of a string. Basic.


58.- Works with chains. 
59.- Tracklist
60.- Choice questions. 
79.- Pause. Automatic account.

80.- Problem of physics and mathematics. Constant and linear speed. Scope.

81.- Ohm's  Law.

82.- Resistors in parallel.

83.- Force of friction on an inclined plane. Beware subtractions.

84.- Quadratic equation.


101.- Proposals.

102.- Stick HDMI. The Android on your TV. The screen of your mobile phone on your TV. Windows 8 on your TV.

103.- Moving files from your computer to mobile. Get the QR code. Remote Desktop Mobile. Kahoot to perform test. Install .apk files on your computer. The Android on your computer. Emulator.

103B.-  Connect the phone to a USB flash drive. Cable OTG.

104.- Links to examples. Game rockets. Books.

105.-  Update Emulator. I cannt update the emulator.

106.-  Java Bridge. Adaptation to Java. -------> Soon.

120.-  Extensions. Creating new components with Java.



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