Suggestion for next release of AI2U

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Suggestion for next release of AI2U

Mensajepor jluu » Jue May 03, 2018 3:35 pm


In the appinventor source code, I have located where 2 size limitations interfere when creating big applications or using large external components.
There are 2 size checks are at:
- line 182 when importing external components
- line 722 when generating the .apk

Removing these checks frees all the size limits and allows to create more complex apps.

My suggestion would be that in the next release of AI2U these checks are removed.
I am planning to make pull requests to the AI2 project, so depending on when you release the next version, they may already be integrated and AI2U will benefit from them. However if the next release is planned soon it would be beneficial to add these changes manually as it makes a nice differentiator for the local version.

I have been told, on the appinventor forum that these limitations are there to avoid a timeout when appinventor is hosted on the google appengine cloud machines, this is not relevant when running local as with AI2U.


PS: here is my post and answers on the appinventor developpement forum:!topic ... oGyB-j4yno

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